Stereovision American Kristall Wheat – Ruby Tuesday’s Beer of the Week

Stereovision American Kristall Wheat

My very first featured beer of the week is Flying Monkeys Stereovision Kristall Wheat (LCBO #305466), a craft brew from Barrie, Ontario. A surprising and interesting take on the European wheat beer re-wired and late-hopped in a North American style. This beer is both refreshing and complex with a clean finish. Perfect for summer sipping on a dock at the cottage or to bring to a BBQ with friends. Would also make a lovely addition to a beer tasting dinner with friends.

ABV: 5%

IBU: 25

Style: Hybrid European wheat and North American late-hopped.

Colour/Appearance  Deep golden straw, crystal clear with light effervescence.

On the nose: Subtle morning dew grass, green apple.

Taste: Fresh bread, butter and a slight grapefruit pith. Mild and well balanced between subtle creaminess and tongue prickling bitterness with a crisp clean finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

  • Vietnamese or Thai take-out
  • Grilled turkey burgers
  • Wild mushroom pizza
  • Soft, mild cheese, such as camembert or brie




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