A Week Away: What’s in my Cooler?


I am a notorious planner. So in preparation for my summer holiday next week it is not surprising that I am making lists now and thinking about everything I will bring on our weeklong trip to a family cottage up north. My partner, more of a last minute man, rolls his eyes at the amount of thought I put into things like this, but he always gives me the space to do what I do. He also inevitably will reap the benefit of my over planning, usually in the way of things like sunscreen or toothpaste. My need for over preparation extends beyond my suitcase and toiletry bag all the way to the beer cooler as I map out all the new beers I want to try and my old favourites that I consider necessity for a week at the lake. My partner, his father and I are all big beer enthusiast and this cooler full of refreshing treats will make for great conversation out on the dock, at our dinner feasts or around the campfire. Here is what is coming with us to our little hideaway in the woods next week:


New and Local: Local beers that I have yet to try!


New and Foreign: Beers from elsewhere that I have been longing to try for sometime!

  •  Matilda Belgian Style Ale (LCBO #331272) by Goose Island Brewing, Illinois
  •  Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA (LCBO #365692) by Pyramid Brewing Co. Portland, OR
  •  Tusker Premium Lager (LCBO #216713) by East African Breweries in Nairobi, Kenya
  •  Ayinger Brauweisse Hefe Weizen (LCBO #273656) by Brauerei Aying, Aying, Germany


New and Different: Not your classic beer styles, these beers have a certain uniqueness to them!

  •  Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier (LCBO #409110) by Heller-Brau Trum Kg, Bamberg, Germany

This is a smoked beer I have been interested in trying after reading about it on a few other beer bucket lists.

Aged in Auchentoshan whiskey casks and available in limited and numbered bottles this is a conversation piece for any beer aficionados.


Old Favourites: Tried and tested and cottage approved!

Simply a beautiful black lager!

Classic, refreshing and meant for the cottage!

The perfect pair for a grilled burger and sunshine!

My favourite from the Lake of Bays lineup! It is an instant classic and perfect for socializing with friends around the campfire.


There is still time before I leave- is there anything else you think I should add to my cooler? Let me know with a comment!


2 thoughts on “A Week Away: What’s in my Cooler?

  1. For those oppresively hot and humid days when you perspire heavily just rocking the hammock, try Wellington’s Radler — a 50-50 combo of beer and grapefruit juice. Very refreshing.

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