Our Trip To Whitewater Brewing Co.

WW Rhubarb Wheat

While we were up at the cottage for a week on our summer vacation we decided to take a drive one afternoon to Whitewater Brewing Co. in the Ottawa Valley which boasts the lovely slogan of “Brewed by friends, for friends”-love this. The hour and a half drive from near Bon Echo Provincial Park to Foresters Falls, ON was incredibly picturesque and the ever changing landscape absolutely breathtaking. Tyson, my partner, had been to the brewery once before after mountain biking on some nearby trails and had brought me home a growler to sample. Whitewater had been on my brewery bucket list ever since and our visit did not disappoint my expectations.

WW brewery

You arrive at the brewery after driving down a secluded country road surrounded by farms and you truly feel that you are somewhere special and off the beaten path of everyday life. You pull up to a big red barn with silos attached, the other cars in the spacious parking lot have kayaks or bikes mounted on the top and are stoping in for a pint and a bite or to grab a growler to go and continue on their way. The seating area inside is spacious and simple with a large harvest table as the central focal point of the room. Tys and I bellied up to the bar and decided to start with a flight of four beers to sample, some seasonal and others fixtures in the Whitewater lineup. Our flight included:

WW Flight

Farmers Daughter Blonde Ale:

ABV: 5%

IBU: 22

This blonde ale was a refreshing start to our summer afternoon at the brewery and was both buttery and smooth. Tyson’s favourite of the trip!


Rhubarb Wheat:

This summer seasonal was made with locally sourced rhubarb and was my standout favourite of the visit. A perfect fruit beer as it was not too sweet and was easy drinking and refreshing. On the nose you get pastry and baked pie, the taste was well balanced with subtle fruit and extremely buttery.


Jacked Rabbit Espresso IPA:

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 95

The Jacked Rabbit won out for the most interesting beer of the day. It takes a very special IPA to hook me and this might just be it. It you close your eyes and bring the glass to your nose you would swear someone had put a coffee in front of you as you smell intense notes of freshly ground espresso. There is a definite coffee taste with a mix of brininess and sweet and a slightly bitter coffee finish, less intense than your average IPA. This is definitely the most interesting IPA I have had to date.


Midnight Stout, Oatmeal Stout:

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 30

The stout was beautiful with honey and toasted oats on the nose and tasted of oats, smokey flavours and cream with a clean finish.


WW four

After enjoying our flight we each had a glass of beer and ordered the pulled pork pizza to share. The pizza was amazing, topped with coleslaw which added flavour and crunch and on dough made using the spent grains from the brewing process. The brewery has a simple and satisfying menu with something to please everyone on it. We were served by a lovely woman who helped to make our visit even more enjoyable by sharing her knowledge of the beer, the brewery, the rafting and the surrounding area. Following our afternoon bite and beers we took a walk back behind the property and down to the rapids on our servers advice and enjoyed a breath taking view.

WW rapids


We toured the rest of the brewery after our walk in the woods and ended up leaving with a four pack of mini growlers from the merch shop which we brought back to Kingston with us and shared with friends upon our return. This is a great brewery and if you have the opportunity and are in the area you should definitely check it out! These guys are making great beer and doing big things.

Check out this Youtube clip about the brewery and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if you live in the Ottawa Valley check out on their website for where you can find them on tap. Cheers.



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