Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA – Ruby Tuesday’s Beer of the Week

Rogue DLH

It has been a while since I have had a Tuesday feature beer of the week, but this Tuesday in honour of my dad’s 62nd birthday Eldon and I tried Rogue’s Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA (LCBO# 383455).  Rogue, founded in 1987, operates out of the state of Oregon which is a renowned mecca for craft beer. Their branding promotes the Rogue Revolution which they express through their uniquely crafted brews. I am a sucker for a great name and Rogue has the quirky name thing down pat. But they aren’t just a quirky name and an amusing label, I have yet to have a beer of theirs that I haven’t loved! Dad’s Little Helper is no exception. Made with four types of malts and four types of hops this Black IPA is a rare gem in the over saturated IPA market, it is both well balanced and intense  and dances along that fine line of strong and smooth.

Rogue Glass

ABV 6.2%

IBU 92

Style: Black IPA. The IPA style originated when the UK began exporting ales to India for their troops in the height of the British Empire. To withstand the long voyage the beers were well-hopped because hops are a natural preservative. Thus a style was born! IPA’s tend to have higher alcohol content and can have a more intense bitter, grapefruit flavour as a result of the hops. This twist on the style uses darker malts to get the rich colouring.

Colour: Dark black and almost opaque with a creamy frothy top when poured.

Smell: Roasted malts, smokey, honey, toast, subtle coffee grounds and burnt caramel.

Taste: Coffee, chocolate, bitter, brine, pepper and slight cinnamon. Tart but with a smooth finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Beef or Pork. We had Asian take-away for dinner with beef as the protein and it paired quite well. An IPA can typically stand up to the spices and flavours of Asian cuisine and complements it quite pleasantly. It also went well with Eldon’s birthday brownie for dessert!

Vote in the poll below if you have tried it or leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it! Cheers.

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