Wells Banana Bread Beer – Fruit Beer Friday


Today for Fruit Beer Friday I enjoyed a surprisingly delicious and wonderful Banana Bread Beer (LCBO# 281428), by Wells and Young from the UK. Try it! The taste will really wow you, I promise. Wells makes this ale with both fair trade bananas and banana flavour and the resulting fruit beer surprisingly tastes just like fresh baked banana bread. As the label states, long ago ale was known as liquid bread. I have had many beers with bread like characteristics, but the bread element of this beer is almost unbelievable – you think you are drinking the dessert loaf. Wells Banana Bread Beer has won many awards including Beer of the Festival at the 2002 London Drinkers Festival. In the case of a banana beer, ripe bananas are used to make the beer. They are juiced and that juice is added to water that is then added to the grains to make the mash. Here are my notes on the beer and if you can get out and try it, I highly recommend you do:


ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 18

Colour: Dark amber, orange.

Smell: Subtle ripe banana, banana popsicle with yeasty notes.

Taste: Buttered banana bread, doughy, yeasty bread, caramelized sugar, fried bananas with vanilla notes. Effervescent, mellow and smooth throughout with a creamy finish.


Have you tried Wells Banana Bread Beer? Let me know what you thought of it! Cheers and happy Fruit Beer Friday all! Enjoy the final weekend of the summer.

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