Lanark County Blueberry Mead – Fruit Beer Friday


Happy fruit beer Friday everyone! Today’s fruit beer is the Lanark County Blueberry Mead (LCBO# 380527) by Trafalgar Brewing in Oakville, ON. Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is created by fermenting honey with water and usually incorporates fruit, spices, grains and hops. Historically mead is considered to be the ancient ancestor of all fermented beverages, with evidence showing that it existed around 6500-7000 BC. The average ABV for mead can range from 8-20%.

Trafalgar locally sources the blueberries used in the making of this mead from Lanark county, which makes this mead a “terroir style”. This means that through the fruit sourced from this region the taste of the mead is then influenced by the geography, geology and climate of that particular region. This was my first experience with mead and I found researching the process and the mead itself to be quite interesting and unique. Here are my notes:


ABV: 8.5%

Colour: Cloudy wine coloured, deep burgundy with a juice-like appearance. Opaque with little foam that dissipated quickly.

Smell: Sweet and yeasty. Tart, brine. Relatively mild aroma.

Taste: Berry tartness, fermented berry, red wine like flavour with sharp prickling of the tongue and high acidity.


I found the Lanark County Blueberry Mead to be a unique beverage and probably an acquired taste. It was not my favourite, but if you have never tried a mead before I recommend that you do! Trafalgar makes a Ginger Mead and the Mead Braggot, which are both lovely representations of the style.


Let me know what you thought if you have tried that Lanark County Blueberry Mead. Cheers!

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