Twice as Mad Tom – Muskoka Beer Diary Prep


Wednesday- the dreaded hump day. The only thing making this Wednesday a little better for me is that tomorrow is my Friday (yippee!) and on the actually day that is Friday Tyson and I are setting off on my first trip EVER up to the Muskokas. We will be swinging by a bunch of local craft breweries while we are up there and on Saturday we will be going to see the Arkells play at the historic Kee to Bala. Needless to say I am super pumped. I thought I would ring in the hump day with an homage to one of my favourite breweries that I can not wait to stop at on Friday, the Muskoka Brewery. Tonight I am kicking it old school with a Twice as Mad Tom IPA.


Twice as Mad Tom (LCBO #404319) is brewed in Bracebridge, ON. It is the strong beer version of the regular IPA of the same name. It is dry hopped IPA, which occurs when hops are added after the cooling of the wort. Hops can be added at many different stages after the wort has cooled, in the various the tanks or fermenters or ever right in the barrel if the beer is being barrel aged. For a strong beer and an IPA I love Twice as Mad Tom because its persona is worse than its bite. Although it is more intense than your average brew, for a strong beer/IPA I find it quite drinkable and with a sweet a smooth finish once the initial sharpness of the IPA has passed. Tonight I enjoyed it all on its own while watching the sunset over our little neighbourhood, but I couldn’t help but think how awesome it would be with a sharp cheddar or a smoked gouda.


Twice as Mad Tom, Unfiltered Double IPA

ABV: 8.4%

IBU: 71

Colour: Bright copper and orange. Effervesces to a low, bubbly froth which dissipates relatively quickly once poured.

Smell: Subtle, but definitely hints of salty, brine water and fermented grapefruit rind. Mild and clean.

Taste: Medium heaviness and mouth feel, slightly oily on the palate. Citric acid and fresh cut grape fruit with a clean and fruity finish.

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